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Look, I’m In College!

Directed by Ken Browne
31 min / documentary / 2007 / USA

The story of what happens when four young men with autism, from a public school, are chosen to pilot a college inclusion program in NYC.

Love and Independence in East Providence


Lori Sousa knew Peter Maxmean was her soul mate when they first met, and now they are showing how people with intellectual disabilities can live, work and thrive in a community.


Directed by Thomas Kuchiran
3 min / animation / 2005 / Canada

Mark is a film that will question our tendency to rush through life, while we ignore beauty and fulfillment in the many instances that pass us by.


Directed by Glenn Holsten
91 min / documentary / 2010 / USA

The Obsessive Compulsive, Major Depression, Bipolar, Asperger’s Movie. Soon after college, mental illness interrupted Bud Clayman’s dreams of a filmmaking career. Thirty years later, he’s making the movie of his life.

Offense Taken

Directed by Jerry Smith
26 min / documentary / 2008 / USA

In the Spring of 2007, when a Minneapolis Theater company put on a show titled “Rise of the Celebretards,” people with disabilities and their allies took action.

Okay, Let’s Talk About Me

Directed by Sophie Hyde
26 min / documentary / 2004 / Australia

Meet Eddie. He’s a seventeen-year-old boy with Down’s syndrome. He’s stubborn and charming, funny and sometimes temperamental.  Through the course of the documentary the viewer is invited to get to know Eddie- a rare treat- and journey with him as he turns eighteen and prepares to leave school.

S#!T People Say to Autistic Service Dog Partners

Directed by Nathan Selove
3 min / narrative / 2013 / USA

If you are on the autism spectrum, have a service dog, or both you can probably relate to a lot of these. All these things have either been said to the filmmaker or friends of his.

*We also have the same film with the title “Stuff People Say to Autistic Service Dog Partners” to make it more suitable to select audiences. 



Follow a team of superheroes as they bring new life into a supermarket on the verge of going out of business.

The Girl With the Tuba

Directed by Esteban Arguello
5 min / documentary / 2010 / USA

A young woman with autism details how playing a tuba in the streets of Atlanta has helped her define her voice as an activist.

The Men of Atalissa

Directed by Kassie Bracken
35 min / documentary / 2013 / USA

The Men of Atalissa is a documentary about 32 intellectually challenged people who were employed by Texas-based Henry’s Turkey Service without proper compensation, and were abused physically and mentally, living in harsh conditions, at Atalissa, Iowa for more than 30 years beginning in the 1970s.