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Breaking Boundaries: The Art of Alex Masket

Directed by Dennis Connors
18 min / documentary / 2009 / USA

The story of an extraordinary artist who has created a significant body of work despite a disability that inhibits what most might consider “normal” human interaction.

Brooklyn Love Tales

12 1/2 MIN / DOCUMENTARY / 2016 / USA

A personal look into the lives of three couples with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Directed by Anthony Morrison
10 min / documentary / 2010 / USA

Follow Jayden, a two and half year old diagnosed with autism, through his first months of school in the Bronx.

Cared Witless

Directed by Karen Sheader
10 min / narrative / 2007 / UK

This award-winning film tells the story of Glen, a young man with Down syndrome, played by David Miller, on a shopping trip with a personal assistant from hell.

Cassilly: How I Got To College

Directed by Sara Banks
20 min / documentary / 2002 / USA

Cassilly: How I Got To College is a compelling story of a young woman who has overcome barriers and whose successful participation in a community college has enhanced the quality of her life.

Check Out

Directed by Bobby Marinelli
10 MIN / NARRATIVE / 2013 / USA

Kelly and Allison are two 20-something grocery store employees who find out that the best friendships blossom when they are most needed.

Difference Is Normal

Directed by Rania Rafei
3 min / music video / 2006 / Lebanon

A unique music video from Lebanon with a universal message of acceptance and tolerance. In March 2006, the idea started; looking for a creative innovative way to introduce awareness of disability in the Arab World.

Down In Number 5

Directed by Kim Spurlock
18 min / narrative / 2009 / USA

Retired coal miner Carl Short, 65, lives with his 40-year-old son Sammy, who has Down syndrome. Carl suffers from black lung. When money from a class action lawsuit fails to materialize, Carl realizes his options are running out.

Finding Fred

Directed by Geoffrey Kappenberg
10 min / DOCUMENTARY / 2010 / USA

Finding Fred shows the development of love, admiration and enormous devotion between two brothers once separated by the Willowbrook State School, an institution for “children with mental retardation.”

The filmmaker gently guides a discussion about the past, present, and future, showing that with support, everyone can learn. This is a love story of brothers reunited.

Forgotten People

Directed by Witness
9.5 min / documentary / 2000 / USA

This film documents the inhumane conditions faced by individuals with mental disabilities situated in grossly understaffed, inadequate and neglectful psychiatric facilities around the world.