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Close My Eyes

Directed by Tov Belling
2.5 min / music video / 2010 / Australia

One of Australia’s most celebrated bands, Rudely Interrupted is an independent rock group with five of the six members living with disabilities.

Coaching Colburn


James Colburn was born with Fragile X Syndrome. At 26, he is a child at heart who finds joy in the smallest things and uses his gift of comedic timing to inspire those around him.

Cocktails With Ben

Directed by Jon Kent
11 min / documentary / 2009 / USA

Despite severe medical hardships, learning disabilities, and challenges “fitting in” with peers, Ben’s love for life, and for music, shines through. Cocktails with Ben is a testament to the human spirit with “life lessons” for all.

Dancing With Downs

Directed by Elizabeth Wood
8 min / documentary / 2009 / Spain

Madrid dance troop Danza Down enchants audiences with classical ballet, traditional Spanish dance and musical theatre performances. What makes the dance troop special is that all of the dancers in the troop have Down Syndrome.


Directed by Anthony Di Salvo
1.5 min / narrative / 2011 / USA

A poem written by Janice Shewfelt and recited/performed by Destiny Lewis Bell. This is one in series of 13 short videos featuring poetry written by poets with developmental disabilities.

Difference Is Normal

Directed by Rania Rafei
3 min / music video / 2006 / Lebanon

A unique music video from Lebanon with a universal message of acceptance and tolerance. In March 2006, the idea started; looking for a creative innovative way to introduce awareness of disability in the Arab World.

Down In Number 5

Directed by Kim Spurlock
18 min / narrative / 2009 / USA

Retired coal miner Carl Short, 65, lives with his 40-year-old son Sammy, who has Down syndrome. Carl suffers from black lung. When money from a class action lawsuit fails to materialize, Carl realizes his options are running out.

Down To Be Up

Directed by Victoria Rondón and Steven Vega

An uplifting and courageous glimpse into a young woman with Down syndrome and her daily struggles. Exploring simple complexities of the everyday, María Barbara takes us into the deep recesses of her heart, finding meaning in what most of us take for granted.


Directed by Piotr Sliwowski
54 min / documentary / 2010 / Poland

Downtown showcases the work of Polish photographer Oiko Petersen, who decided to feature people with Down syndrome in a high fashion photo spread.

Dream Lover

Directed by Anthony Di Salvo
25 min / narrative / 2002 / USA

Seth, a shy man with developmental disabilities, lives in a group home with Linda, a woman he loves from afar. Today is Linda’s last day living in the roup home. Will Seth come out of his dream world and declare his love to her?