The only distributor of films exclusively featuring people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Recycling of Souls

Directed by Piotr Malecki
5 min / documentary / 2011 / Poland

A personal view of people with learning disabilities working at a recycling plant in Warsaw, Poland.


Directed by Andrew Cody
14 min / narrative / 2007 / Australia

With unfailing determination, a man with a developmental disability forces his family to understand his perspective of the world he lives in.


Directed by Franco DiPietro
14 min / narrative / 2012 / Italy

A story about how we react when something important has been stolen from us.

Ryan Matthews: Basically Me

9 1/2 MIN / DOCUMENTARY / 2014 / USA

Ryan Matthews is an accomplished artist with Asperger’s Syndrome. Since childhood he has been perfecting the expression of his singular subject: TRAINS.

S#!T People Say to Autistic Service Dog Partners

Directed by Nathan Selove
3 min / narrative / 2013 / USA

If you are on the autism spectrum, have a service dog, or both you can probably relate to a lot of these. All these things have either been said to the filmmaker or friends of his.

*We also have the same film with the title “Stuff People Say to Autistic Service Dog Partners” to make it more suitable to select audiences. 

Sheri and Paul

Directed by Anthony Di Salvo
11 min / documentary / 2004 / USA

A couple shares their personal thoughts on love and marriage in this candid and touching portrait. Sheri Pearl and Paul Kiok sat in front of the camera one afternoon and spoke candidly about their relationship and the feelings they were experiencing 3 months before their wedding.



Simon gives us a glimpse in to the complex world of deafness and autism. We begin to understand him, we see a gentle, strong hardworking man, interested in the world around him. A peek through a crack in a door firmly shut.

Snack and Drink

Directed by Bob Sabiston
4 min / ANIMATION / 1999 / USA

An animation starring Ryan Power, a teenager with autism living in Austin, Texas, which documents his trip to the local store for a snack and drink.


Directed by Mark Richardson
4 min / documentary / 2008 / UK

As Matthew becomes Mrs. Sparkle, he shares what the transformation means to him. “Sparkle”, made through Carousel by Matthew Hellett, charts his transformation into glamorous alternative persona, the drag queen Mrs. Sparkle.

Street Anthem

Directed by Cam Lasley
3 min / music video / 2006 / USA

Hip Hop artist LAZ D performs his inspirational music against the backdrop of crime scenes, parking garages, and the streets of downtown Portland, Oregon.