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King of Camp

Directed by Anthony Di Salvo
42 min / narrative / 2005 / USA

A tale about Viru, a self-proclaimed music buff, and how he survived his first day at summer camp. This video features acting and musical performances by people with developmental disabilities.

Let Me Be Brave

Directed by Mike Tolin
45 min / documentary / 1991 / USA

On February 15, 1990, a group of 12 athletes with developmental disabilities, ages 19 to 30, along with coaches, CBS Sportscaster James Brown and a film production team, began an expedition to ascend Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest peak.

Mr. Blue Sky

Directed by Sarah Gurfield
86 min / narrative / 2007 / USA

A narrative about an unconventional love triangle between three childhood buddies; two girls, one born with Down syndrome, and one boy.


Directed by Glenn Holsten
91 min / documentary / 2010 / USA

The Obsessive Compulsive, Major Depression, Bipolar, Asperger’s Movie. Soon after college, mental illness interrupted Bud Clayman’s dreams of a filmmaking career. Thirty years later, he’s making the movie of his life.

Our House

Directed by Sevan Matossian
83 min / documentary / 2003 / USA

Laura, Tim W., and Tim S. were born with developmental disabilities and are now living outside an institution for the first time. This documentary verite explores the intimate and original view of human struggle told through the stories of these unique individuals.

Out of Our Minds

Directed by David Carlin
52 min / documentary / 2000 / Australia

The Australian theatre group Back to Back consists mainly of actors with learning difficulties. For some time now, Mark, Rita and Sonia have been making up the hard core of this unusual ensemble. In OUT OF OUR MINDS, filmmaker David Carlin follows them in their preparations for a new piece.

Strong Love

Directed by Bonnie Burt
56 min / documentary / 2007 / USA

The story of world-class weight lifter Jon Shapiro and his childhood sweetheart Holly James, both of whom were born with Down syndrome.

The Boy Inside


An intensely personal film about growing up with Aspergers Syndrome, The Boy Inside follows Adam as he struggles to make sense of bullies, girls and life in the real world.

The Eighth Day

Directed by Jaco Van Dormael
108 min / narrative / 1996 / Belgium / French with English Subtitles

A chance encounter one night between Georges and overworked businessman Harry (Daniel Auteil) sets the scene for a carefully-crafted examination of love, loss and the rediscovery of life.

The Horse Boy

Directed by Michel Orion Scott
93 min / documentary / 2009 / USA

The Horse Boy is a touching tale of family resilience in the face of a young boy’s autism. An up close and deeply personal look at a devoted couple’s heart-wrenching decision to travel to the ends of the earth to heal their son.