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One Fine Day

7 MIN / NARRATIVE / 2015 / UK

Travel through an imagined world in “One Fine Day”. This short dance film presents a collection of rhythmic and witty scenarios capturing the adventurous world of Freefall Dance Company.

Play. Stop. Rewind

Directed by Gerald Fantone
16 min / narrative / 2011 / Canada

On the day of their mother’s funeral, Dani finds his brother Joel, a boy with special needs, hiding under the bed. Together they try to come to terms with her absence.

Rainbow Connection

Directed by Kire Paputts
19 min / narrative / 2012 / Canada

A teenager with Down syndrome, spends hours drawings his favourite thing, rainbows. But behind his seemingly colourful world is a reality he can’t escape, his mother’s illness.


Directed by Andrew Cody
14 min / narrative / 2007 / Australia

With unfailing determination, a man with a developmental disability forces his family to understand his perspective of the world he lives in.


Directed by Franco DiPietro
14 min / narrative / 2012 / Italy

A story about how we react when something important has been stolen from us.

Solos In the Wild – Four Solos


Four performers with learning disabilities present their own creative response to the beautiful wild woods of Pembrokeshire, Wales in the form of four four-minute solos.

Stepping Out

Directed by Chris Noonan
48 min / documentary / 1981 / Australia

One of the most honored and distinguished documentaries in Australian film history.

Superman Vampire Hunter

Directed by Ben Kerns
5 min / narrative / 2012 / USA

Clark is working on a newspaper article when he gets a call from his aunt about strange happenings at The Lake of the Woods.

The Eighth Day

Directed by Jaco Van Dormael
108 min / narrative / 1996 / Belgium / French with English Subtitles

A chance encounter one night between Georges and overworked businessman Harry (Daniel Auteil) sets the scene for a carefully-crafted examination of love, loss and the rediscovery of life.

The Great Little Mouse

Directed by Anthony Di Salvo
12 min / animation / 2001 / USA

The Great Little Mouse is an animated story written by Mary Egan, a woman with developmental disabilities. It is the story of Reggie, a naughty, flying mouse, who helps bring people together.