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By Any Other Name

Directed by Dave Midell
15 min / narrative / 2010 / USA

One day the monotony of Jared’s life is up-ended when he meets his pretty new co-worker Marissa. Before they know it, they develop a close friendship, one unlike either of them, ever experienced before.

Cared Witless

Directed by Karen Sheader
10 min / narrative / 2007 / UK

This award-winning film tells the story of Glen, a young man with Down syndrome, played by David Miller, as he goes on a shopping trip with a personal assistant from hell.

Check Out

Directed by Bobby Marinelli
10 MIN / NARRATIVE / 2013 / USA

Kelly and Allison are two 20-something grocery store employees who find out that the best friendships blossom when they are most needed.


Directed by Anthony Di Salvo
1.5 min / narrative / 2011 / USA

A poem written by Janice Shewfelt and recited/performed by Destiny Lewis Bell. This is one in series of 13 short videos featuring poetry written by poets with developmental disabilities.


Directed by Christopher Louie
6 min / music video / 2006 / USA

The story of a man who copes with his disability by living through his dreams. The only problem is that even in his dreams he cannot escape the reality of his existence.


Directed by Christopher Louie
4 min / music video / 2006 / USA

A crazy night out for a hardcore man with Down syndrome and all his friends! This is a provocative film which “pushes the envelope” in terms of what is considered acceptable representations of people with developmental disabilities.

Fair Play

Directed by David Herman
56 min / documentary / 2008 / UK

Actors with learning disabilities rehearse an acclaimed play by Claire Luckham, “The Choice”, a play about abortion and Luckham’s relationship with her older brother Ben, who has Down syndrome.


7 MIN / NARRATIVE / 2017 / UK

Ten minutes before a boxing match, a teenage boxer with Down syndrome fights for his right to get in the ring.
The story unfolds backstage in the immediate moments leading up to the fight. Fighter finds himself torn between his over-bearing trainer, a sister who hates seeing him get hurt and a boxing committee unsure whether to sanction him to fight at all.
Both an exploration of amateur boxing and freedom of choice, Fighter is a tense, visceral human drama about one person’s fight to follow his dreams.


7 MIN / NARRATIVE / 2018 / USA

Floating Boy is the story of a young man who wants to fly. His father, wanting the best for his boy, wants him to stay grounded.

Go For It – Poetic Short

Directed by Anthony Di Salvo
2 min / narrative / 2011 / USA

Poetry by Cam Lasley & Jack Gibson, performed by Ben Takanashi. This is one in series of 13 short videos featuring poetry written by poets with developmental disabilities. Each poem is recited and performed by young adults with developmental disabilities.