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Play. Stop. Rewind

Directed by Gerald Fantone


On the day of their mother’s funeral, Dani finds his brother Joel, a boy with special needs, hiding under the bed. Together they try to come to terms with her absence.

Filmmaker Gerald Patrick Fantone:

“For my thesis project at York University, I strived to use my years of experience working with individuals with special needs to craft a story that both illustrated their unique perception of the world and highlighted their amazing talents that are often left undermined. Gathering from my own personal life stories and stealing from others, the finished script centered on the process of loss and explored the multi-dimensional facets of brotherhood. I wanted to examine the burden that grief and guilt bring to a child with a disability and how this affects his relationship with his older brother. Apart from the film’s thematic message, as a director of this film, I aspire to leave an impact by fostering a better acceptance, understanding and social inclusion of people who are disabled.

I cast an actor with special needs for the lead character and he was nothing but pure wonderment. He has challenged the prevailing notions that underestimate the talents and skills of disabled individuals. He has proven that even with his disability, he is able to compete successfully against the mainstream crowd.

It has been a rewarding experience working on this film and I couldn’t be happier about the outcome of our efforts. We had a tremendous blast creating this piece and I hope you enjoy watching it!”

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