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Directed by Slawomir Grunberg


Did Eunice Baker, a woman with mild intellectual disability really commit the murder of the child she was babysitting? By delving into her troubled background, this film explores the complexities leading up to that tragic night.

This compelling documentary will stir your emotions while raising serious questions about whether our legal system is able to protect the rights of people with intellectual disabilities.

Borderline tells the story of Eunice Baker, a woman who was sentenced to 15 years to life for murdering a young child, despite evidence that the death was accidental. After nearly 5 years in prison, The NY State Appellate Court reduced Eunice’s sentence to criminally negligent homicide, and she was released on time served.

 This film follows Eunice’s story from her initial trial to her ultimate release, focusing on her family’s struggle to defend her despite poverty and the hardships of their own intellectual disabilities.

Borderline focuses attention on how intellectually handicapped individuals are treated by the legal system across the nation, especially in rural communities and small towns. With more than 4% of the national prison population considered intellectually disabled, this issue, which has been overlooked for decades, is only now gaining the national recognition it deserves. Ultimately, the film proves that the legal system, while seriously flawed, has the potential to right itself and correct injustice.

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